10 reasons to use a graphic design agency

Whether you are planning an entire marketing campaign or looking for a one-off design job, you are going to need to use an element of design.

So where do you start? Unless you are a large organisation, it is unlikely you are going to have a design resource in-house so here are our top ten reasons to consider using a graphic design agency:

1. Expertise

This is the biggest reason you should be considering using a graphic design agency as part of your marketing activity. They are the experts in their field and can ensure you get the best designs for the job at hand, whether it be your company stationery, an online graphic or an entire advertising campaign.

Design agencies are often split into different disciplines (large-scale design, branding, advertising, brochures/catalogues etc.) to further enhance specific expertise giving you an even more superior outcome.

2. Experience

With expertise comes extensive experience. Graphic design agencies design every element of a business’s internal and external communications on a daily basis. This gives them a wealth of experience to draw from when approaching any project or job you require.

Most graphic design agencies will have experience of working with large accounts which means they won’t be fazed by your requests and can hit the ground running. They will also have experience of;

  • working to tight deadlines
  • within certain creative and branding boundaries
  • working to agreed budgets

This level of creative and practical experience means you can rely on your graphic design agency to provide the goods, giving you time to focus on the other elements of your campaign.

3. Creativity

Graphic design agencies can help you approach your task or campaign from a different angle, opening up new avenues of creativity and possibilities which you may not have considered or even thought possible.

This additional level of creativity isn’t contained to the look of your final designs, it can encompass the technologies and channels used to deliver your designs. This is where using a dedicated graphic design agency can really add value to your campaign and business.

4. Understand marketing outcomes

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that graphic design agencies are just about drawing things on computers, they are so much more than that. Design agencies may specialise in the creative design element of marketing but in order for them to be outstanding at their job, they have to have a broad understanding of the wider marketing objectives each client has.

5. Commercial edge

Another significant advantage of using a graphic design agency is that they can help you achieve a competitive edge. They will be aware of all of the latest trends and technologies making them the best people to ensure your designs stands out from the crowd and aren’t overlooked.

6. They know what questions to ask

How can graphic design agencies design something suitable if they don’t understand how you are going to be using their designs and to what end? So, if your design agency seems to be asking you a lot of questions about your brief, it’s not because they are being noisy, they are just trying to get a better understanding of your objective so they can provide the best possible service.

The more questions they ask, the better the final designs will be.

7. Quick turn around

Design is their business so they are also focused on providing an outstanding service as well as a top-notch design product for you.

Most graphic design agencies understand that time is of the essence and most business don’t have the luxury of time when it comes to getting things done. They will have well-honed processes which mean they can provide a quick turn-around without compromising on creativity or quality.

8. Get what you’re asking for

If, for any reason, you are unhappy or not completely satisfied with the results you get from your graphic design agency, you can go back to them and ask for amends/changes without quibble. This isn’t always possible if you are using an in-house designer as politics, workload and deadlines may prohibit it, leaving you with work you may not be completely satisfied with.

At Connect Design and Print, we believe no job is finished until the client is completely satisfied.

9. Collaboration

Design agencies have the advantage of being able to pull on all of their resources when completing a creative design project.

They will often pull a team together to brain-storm and collaborate on different elements of the brief. This collaboration means different experiences and expertise’s can be leveraged giving the end product the best possible chance of surpassing your expectations.

10. Allows you to budget

Budgeting refers to both time and money when it comes to producing either marketing collateral or a full campaign. The benefits of using a design agency is that you can establish the cost and timeline before the work is commissioned, give you piece of mind that your design work will arrive on time and within budget.

It can also be difficult to attribute overall return on investment to a marketing campaign if you can’t put a definite cost to a piece of work.

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